Cross Connection Control Program

The purpose of a Cross Connection Control Program is to keep unsafe water from mixing with the potable water supply. The City of Healdsburg requires that all backflow prevention devices be tested once a year. This testing process helps ensure a safe drinking water supply for Healdsburg’s residents. This applies to systems using potable City water, as well as irrigation systems using non-potable water (e.g., recycled water or rainwater).

The City of Healdsburg has contracted with BSI Online to assist with State required cross-connection/backflow tracking regulations. BSI helps water purveyors by sending notifications, assists with customer service inquiries, and manages required data on behalf of the City of Healdsburg. 

BSI Online will serve as the administrative point of contact for the program and can be contacted below: 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding cross connections or backflow prevention devices, please call the Utilities Department at 707-431-3369.

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