Recycled Water for Residents

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The City has authorization from the Regional Water Quality Control Board to implement a Recycled Water program for residents. Our recycled water is municipal wastewater that has been extensively treated so it can be used for non-potable uses such as irrigation for vegetable gardens, lawns, trees, and landscaping. The recycled water can be delivered by local hauling companies or is available for self-hauling.

Recycled Water Delivery

In the past the City of Healdsburg has offered recycled water deliveries to be used on landscaping. However, this year we will not be offering the program due to the cost, impacts to the environment and workload to our staff. Please follow this link to see an FAQ regarding water access and our current stage 2 level drought conditions.

Customers have the option to contract directly with water haulers to receive recycled water. This is the list of available haulers:

  • Cats4U                               707-433-8304
  • Andy Ramirez                   707-495-3566
  • American Tank                 707-535-1401
  • Brian Natsios                    415-328-8977
  • CD Water Solutions         707-806-4430

Setup for Recycled Water Deliveries

  • Residents are responsible for sourcing or purchasing their own storage tanks, totes, or barrels. 
  • Storage tanks should be placed no more than 75 ft. from the curb to be serviced, no gates or fences. 
  • Residents are responsible for the equipment necessary to apply the recycled water to landscaping -- hose and pump. 
  • A building permit is not required for tanks less that 5,000 gallons and the ratio of height to diameter or width is not greater than 2:1.
  • Recycled water needs to be used with 24-48 hours of delivery to avoid algae growth.

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Other Information

​Self-Haul Program

Participants can pick up recycled water, free of charge, from our recycled water fill stations at 340 Foreman Lane or 280 Kinley Drive. Customers are required to provide their own tanks, hoses, and fittings. 

Daily Amounts:
  • 1,300 gallons per trip
  • 3,000 gallons max per day per customer
A brief user training and permit is required to participate in the self-haul program. Training and permits will take place at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 340 Forman Lane (directions) and will cover: 
  • Instruction on proper hauling requirements
  • How to apply water to your landscape
  • Completion of User Agreement (bring a valid driver's license)
  • Be sure to bring a sealable container for transporting the water. (Large containers must be securely strapped down to the vehicle used to transport the water.)
Customers wishing to haul their own recycled water should call Rob Scates at 431-3369 to make an appointment.

Who can Participate?

Anyone within the area outlined in the Hauling Area Map below is able to participate in the self-haul program.

Recycled Water Haul Map


Appropriate containers should be sturdy, sealed completely, and strapped down securely. Containers should not show signs of excessive wear, cracks, holes, or be compromised in any way.

Recycled Water container information