Identification Number

To apply for, reactivate, or inactivate a permanent California identification number, from the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC), submit DTSC Form 1358 (PDF).

Those Who Need ID Numbers
Persons who generate, transport or offer for transport, treat, store, or dispose of hazardous waste generally must have an Identification (ID) Number, which is used to identify the hazardous waste handler and to track the waste from its point of origin to its final disposal ("from cradle to grave").

Most hazardous waste falls into 2 types in California:
  • Waste regulated by the federal government under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act is known as "RCRA waste"
  • Waste regulated by California law alone is known as "non-RCRA" or "California-only" waste
All hazardous waste in (RCRA and non-RCRA) California is regulated under state statutes and regulations. If a business generates more than 1 kilogram of RCRA acutely hazardous waste per month or more than 100 kilograms of other RCRA waste per month, they must have a federal ID number. If the business generates 100 kilograms or less of RCRA waste or 1 kilogram or less per month of acutely hazardous waste, and meet certain other requirements, they are exempt from having a federal ID number. These businesses are called conditionally exempt small-quantity generators or CESQGs.

DTSC issues ID numbers for generators, transporters, and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities that handle hazardous wastes not regulated under RCRA. As stated above, this depends on the type of waste that you generate and the rate at which you generate it. U.S. EPA issues Federal (RCRA) ID Numbers. If you need a California ID Number, you can find more information on our California ID Number page.

Hazardous Waste Tracking
Visit DTSC's Hazardous Waste Tracking System database to see how much hazardous waste is generated by your facility.

DTSC Contact Information
The phone number for EPA ID information is 800-618-6942 if calling from the U.S. or U.S. Territories. If calling from outside the U.S., the phone number is 916-255-1136.