Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA)

The Healdsburg / Sebastopol CUPA Program under the direction of the City of Healdsburg's Fire Marshal has the responsibility for the City of Healdsburg and the City of Sebastopol CUPA program through a Joint Powers Agreements. These programs include the Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP), the Hazardous Waste Generator, the Underground Storage Tanks, the Accidental Release Prevention, Above Ground Storage Petroleum Tanks and the California Fire Code as related to hazardous materials.

Inspections of businesses regulated by the Healdsburg / Sebastopol CUPA are conducted on a routine basis. Funding for this Program is provided through fees charged to the businesses through city adopted fee schedules.

Information regarding hazardous materials in your community can be obtained from this Program. You may obtain an Underground Tank Permit Application Form to be used for installing new tanks, pulling old tanks, and repairing or testing tank systems.