Traffic Accident Reporting

The Healdsburg Police Department has the responsibility to investigate traffic accidents within city limits. The best policy for a driver involved in an accident is to notify the police department at or near the time of the incident. This allows the officer to respond, take statements and identify independent witnesses. There are a few circumstances where we will not conduct a traffic accident investigation.

Accidents occurring on private property are not investigated by the police department unless one of the following factors is involved. Injury to one of the involved parties hit and run or one of the driver’s is under the influence of drugs/alcohol. You may exchange information with the other driver and notify your insurance company. We also will not investigate late reported non-injury accidents on a public roadway. You will be provided with a DMV SR-1 accident report form, which you fill out and mail to the DMV.

School bus accidents are investigated by the California Highway Patrol, regardless of jurisdiction. This is required under section 12517.1 of the California Vehicle Code.