Montage and Badger Park Master Planning, River Access, & Connectivity

The City is launching a coordinated community-based planning process for its parks and open space system and is seeking a qualified consultant or consultant team (consultant) with relevant experience and knowledge to lead the project that will incorporate the following components:

  • Developing a master plan, cost estimates, and related information for a ~36-acre public park associated with the Montage brand resort and residential development currently under construction.
  • Developing a master plan, cost estimates, and related information for redevelopment of the City’s ~20-acre Badger Park located along the Russian River.
  • Analyzing opportunities and challenges for creating Russian River access and interfaces as the Russian River passes through the City and developing a plan to enhance river access.
  • Analyzing and developing a high-level plan for connectivity to parks, open spaces, recreational facilities, schools, Russian River, and other points of interest.

This project will create legacy opportunities for the community and will be done in conjunction with other planning processes that are currently underway or will be launched soon. These include a Parks and Recreation Facilities Inventory and Assessment, an Arts and Culture Plan, a master plan for the redevelopment of Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach (operated by Sonoma County Regional Parks), and the American Institute of Architects Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) project. It is anticipated that these planning process will inform each other and the Project.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Planning Services

In October 2018 the City issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeking a consultant or a consultant team (consultant) to provide technical expertise in the areas of park planning and design, cost estimating, and creative public engagement processes. You can download a copy of the RFQ here.

On October 12, City staff provided a webinar for the project. You can download the webinar file or view the presentation online by following this link: 10.12.18 Planning Webinar. (Push the play button to start the replay of the online webinar.) Finally, you can download a copy of the PowerPoint here: 10.12.18 Planning Presentation PowerPoint.  

The City received 18 statements of qualifications for the project and is currently reviewing qualifications and soliciting proposals from a a short list of firms. City Council is expected to award a contract for the project in March 2019.