Parks and Recreation Facilities Assessment

Project Overview

The City conducted a Facilities Assessment of its parks and recreation facilities to help develop a long-term plan for maintaining, renovating, and ultimately replacing facilities. Over the past decade, the City completed several plans and studies on its parks and facilities. These plans and studies - along with site visits, discussions with staff, and public input - were used to develop the assessment. The assessment documented existing conditions, project anticipated life cycles, and estimate replacement costs. This information is being used to determine how to fund long-term costs. 

Background and Timeline

2015: City Staff and Parks and Recreation Commissioners conducted a series of parks and facilities tours to identify projects that could be included into a Capital Improvement Project (CIP) priority list.  From this priority list, staff identified a need to complete two comprehensive evaluations of the City’s parks and recreation facilities:  (1) An accessibility study to determine compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act; and (2) a facilities condition study to determine the current state and repair/replacement costs for all Community Services parks and buildings.

2016: the City Council adopted a five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) plan that provided funding for both studies to be completed.  The Accessibility Study was completed in 2017 by Julee Quarve-Peterson, Inc. and is one of several reports that provided context and data for the Facilities Condition Assessment.

2018: The City conducted a  Request for Proposal (RFP) process to solicit proposals from firms who specialize in Facilities Assessment work. In September 2018, City Council awarded the Facilities Assessment to Kitchell CEM, based out of Sacramento. Kitchell has over 20 years of experience providing facility assessment services and has evaluated over 230 million square feet of public-use space.  Kitchell has provided similar services for the cities of San Diego, San Jose, Santa Clara, and for the Counties of San Diego and Monterey.  

2018 - 2020: The Facilities Assessment launched in December 2018 with a series of community stakeholder meetings to provide Kitchell with background information and user-identified deficiencies and opportunities at each facility.  In February of 2019, the team began a series of site visits that included a thorough evaluation of 16 different facilities. Site visits continued through spring of 2019 and work on the draft report and staff review took place into early 2020.  The project faced several delays in the evaluation and review process due to the Russian River floods, Kincade Fire, and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information, Reports, and other Data

The final report was completed in May 2020 and was presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission on June 10, 2020. 

City staff will work in conjunction with the facility stakeholders, Parks and Recreation Commission, and City Council to develop a plan for long-term facility repairs and replacements.

The City has completed numerous plans and studies that were used to develop the facilities assessment. You can view relevant information, reports, and other data here