Phase 2: 3 North Street / Farmers' Market Site Schematic Design

On August 15, 2016, Healdsburg City Council directed staff to develop a schematic design plan that:
  • Maximizes parking

  • Preserves the façade and a portion of the building

  • Includes bathrooms and a kitchen

  • Can be implemented in phases

  • Uses an ecologically friendly surface for the parking lot surface

In addition, City Council directed that the site needs to function as the permanent home of the Healdsburg Farmer's Market. Council approved the schematic design on May 15, 2017 and ordered the project to enter the funding development stage. 

Schematic Design Overview

The design team evaluated different approaches to meet City Council's direction. As part of this work the team analyzed how best to maximize parking on the site, considered the advantages/disadvantages of preserving the front verses the rear portion of the structure, discussed where the façade should be placed, and evaluated whether some of the more prominent architectural elements of the structure could be repurposed. The outcome of this work is displayed below as the proposed schematic design. Elements of the design include:
  • 55 parking spaces
  • Repurposing the existing structure to include approximately 5,200 square feet of covered space for events and activities, with an additional 6,100 square feet of multi-purpose parking and "open air" event space
  • A catering kitchen and restrooms
  • Secondary unloading and loading area on the west side of the site for staging events and activities
  • Single vehicle entry point to minimize potential pedestrian/vehicle conflicts
  • Emergency vehicle access to Foss Street

Schematic Design Fly-Around

TLCD Architects created a fly-around 3-D movie to visualize the schematic design. You can view the movie here.  

Schematic Design Cost Estimates

View a detailed report on the cost estimates for the schematic design here.

Current Site Conditions


Schematic Design - Aerial View from the East


Schematic Design - Side View

Side view

Schematic Design - Front Facade and Entry

Front Entry

Schematic Design - Open Air Space


Schematic Design - Covered Space


Schematic Design - Aerial View from the West


Schematic Design - Site Layout

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Precedent Images

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