Living Green in Healdsburg

Living in harmony with our environment has long been a concern of Healdsburg residents.

The Green City Program serves as a framework for the implementation of projects and activities designed to promote environmentally sound practices, develop green and sustainable alternatives, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Components of the Program include: the Green building Ordinance, education and outreach, greening existing housing stock, creation of a green business certification program and maintaining a committee to facilitate the city's efforts to implement the program.

Healdsburg's Green and Sustainable city website will help inform and guide you through the process of determining what actions and solutions make the most sense for your unique situation. Mandatory requirements, financial and informational resources as well as contact information and opportunities for feedback can be found within this site. Please stay informed, involved, and let us know what you learn along the way and how we can continue to help improve the overall experience of this program for the community of Healdsburg.