Environmental Stewardship

Zero PCBs
Many utilities have oil containing PCBs in their transformers and other equipment. The city's Electric Department has zero PCB's in its equipment throughout the entire system. Healdsburg's climate zone makes it possible for us to use biodegradable vegetable oil in our equipment.

Clean Resource Mix
The city derives much of its power from nearby geothermal sources. The city's resource-mix far exceeds the state-mandated Renewable Portfolio Requirement. Further, California does not credit "large hydro" in reaching this goal. Our renewables percentage grows even higher when large-hydro is included. The numbers for our most recently published resource mix are available online.

Green Rates
For our customers who want even more renewables in their resource mix, the Electric Department offers green-rate options, giving customers a 100% renewable sourcing option. View our rates online.

Time of Use Rates
The Electric Department currently offers time-of-use rates. These help shave the Peak demand charge.

The Electric Department has a long-standing practice of recycling all scrap metals.

Energy Efficiency Rebates
The Electric Department has various rebates and incentives for energy efficiency purposes.

Solar Program
The Electric Department connected its first photovoltaic system in 2002 and today has over 750 kW of solar panels interconnected in city-limits. The Electric Department has facilitated this with its distribution of over $700,000 in solar incentives to our customers. Find out more about installing solar panels and the rebates.

Our Fleet
We use our smallest trucks for every-day work and only use the larger line-trucks when necessary. The Electric Department has a hybrid vehicle which it uses when trucks aren't required.